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Samsung TL500 / EX1

Samsung TL500 / EX1

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Just Posted! Samsung TL500 / EX1 Review

The Samsung TL500 / EX1 shoulders its way into the compact system camera category with exceptional handling and impressive image quality. It hits almost all the right spots, minus a few exceptions, and seems to be able to win the hearts of serious photographers.

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  • The Samsung EX1 has superior construction…. its build like a tank. All metal construction. Try it out. Compare to the Lumix LX5, Canon S95 or Nikon. The rest will really seem cheaply made.

    The EX1 also has a fantastic lens. Wider and faster than most. Its super sharp and contrasty. Pair this amazing lens with the larger sensor and low noise and you get a great P&S that is capable of some amazing quality images.

    A tilt and swivel AMOLED screen, that makes the other brands look dull, is just icing on the already great cake. It doesn’t have HD video. However, if you are purchasing this quality of still camera, you probably already know that HD video is what camcorders are made for.

    Go to a local shop and try one out. Compare to the others. A fantastic camera.