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Ricoh’s Fifth Instagram #Iifeincolor360 Contest: Post Your 360-Degree Images (Taken with the RICOH THETA Camera) with Hashtags (#lifeincolor360, #theta360 and #theta360contest), before May 31, 2017

Fifth Instagram #Iifeincolor360 Contest

Ricoh invites you to show them your #lifeincolor360 using the RICOH THETA for a chance to win original theta360 gear!

Good Luck! Bonne chance!


Fifth Instagram “#lifeincolor360” Contest

Apr. 27, 2017

This time, we’re asking for work that shows the vivid colors of your life and the THETA’s unique abilities to capture them.

Edit 360-degree images and videos using the THETA+ or THETA+ Video apps, and then post to Instagram.

We will select 10 winners and 10 runners-up from the submissions. Winners and runners-up will receive original THETA goods. The winning and runner-up works will be introduced on this website or SNS. We look forward to your submissions!

Entry Details

1. Submission period: April 27, 2017 – May 31, 2017

2. Conditions for submission

  • Follow our official account, @theta360official.
  • Post your entries, with the appropriate hashtags (#lifeincolor360, #theta360 and #theta360contest), in the comment field.
  • Images for posting should be shot using THETA and edited with either the THETA+ or THETA+ Video editing app.
  • Winners will be asked to provide both the original file taken directly from THETA (the Equirectangular Image) and the cropped image exported after editing. (Both images must be submitted.) *

* We will use the submitted image data on this site, in catalogues, at event, on the RICOH THETA official SNS accounts, and so on.

* Multiple submissions are allowed.

* Submissions that do not meet the conditions will not be considered.

3. Judges

Official @theta360official Instagram account administers.

4. Announcement of results

Winners will be announced on and the official @theta360official Instagram account, after the deadline closes. Winners will also be contacted by direct message via Instagram from the @theta360official account before results are announced.

5. Use of submissions

Submissions chosen for publishing may be displayed on our website, in catalogues, at events, on official RICOH THETA SNS accounts, and elsewhere. Additionally, images may be altered before publishing.

6. Miscellaneous

We only accept photos shot by the person himself/herself.

When submitting any identifying information or images, be sure to obtain permission from the individuals involved.

The copyright of the photos posted in this campaign should belong to Ricoh when the photos are posted.

Posting the same images in competitors’ contests is not allowed.

Responsibility for any claims by persons involved over rights to use one’s likeness or other such issues are solely the responsibility of the applicant, and sponsors accept no liability.

Personal information acquired via this contest may be used in announcing winners and notifying participants of results. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without permission of the person in question.

If the rights of a third party including the right of publicity is infringed upon by the photos posted, we will not assume any responsibility.

If a photo does not complying with the copyright, a photo offensive to public order and morals, or a photo infringing on other’s privacy is posted, such photo will be invalid.

If a dispute with a third party may arise in posting a photo, the poster should resolve the dispute themselves at their own expense.

Contact and inquiries:

Pieces submitted to the Instagram contest may be publicly displayed, including on our websites and in galleries. Please feel free to send your pieces (original file and cropped image) to the contact email above, as well. We look forward to receiving your submissions.