Making Videos? Use Your iPad As A Teleprompter!

ProPrompter Teleprompter App from Olivia Speranza on Vimeo.

What a great idea! If you are into making videos, then how do you remember your script? Do like the pros and use a teleprompter! There are a number of teleprompter apps for the iPad that allow you to do just that. In this video, Olivia Speranza demos the ProPrompter app for the iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Imagine if the [multitasking] iPad 3 comes with a quality camera for video; you could set it up on a stand, film yourself — while the teleprompter app scrolls your lines. Sweet. You read it here first!

So, you’ve got the CollabraCam to direct your movie, now get the ProPrompter so your presenter can get his/her lines straight.