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ShutterSnitch + iPad + Mobile Router + Eye-Fi = Wireless Photo Review

Photographers continue to find ways to use the Apple iPad where previously they needed a laptop plus Wi-Fi transmitter. Now, the Eye-Fi card, a mobile router (since the iPad cannot create a network), and the ShutterSnitch app work together to let tether to the iPad and let you review photos in the field on your iPad as you shoot. The advantage is that you lose about 2.5kg (5lbs) of carry-on weight and gain the fantastic presentation capability of the iPad.

From trollhunter

It takes about 3 seconds to wirelessly transfer each RAW photo. Besides having an easy and attractive way of showing the results to clients on the spot, you can also ftp, post or email your photos right away to remote editors or clients for instant feedback. The $7.99 app plus the price of a mobile router and Eye-Fi card compares well against the $30 Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Note that for those who shoot RAW, you will need to shoot RAW+JPEG because ShutterSnitch saves but does not display RAW.

source professionalphotographer