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Apple iPad [tongue in cheek] Review

It’s a dream to type on. Great. Phenomenal. Wonderful. Amazing. Gorgeous. Magical! You just… do!

I’m tired of reading [and writing] negative things about the Apple iPad and thought we need to present a more balanced review.

So I scoured the Internet to find the best Apple iPad reviews and found this video. I sincerely believe [fingers crossed behind my back] that it’s the best summary of the iPad ever written. Enjoy!

Editor’s note: Just in case some readers take offense, it’s all in jest. We do love Apple products here [in fact we own an all-white Apple Airport Extreme wireless router that we proudly show off to anyone who visits our office to prove how hip we are — same airport router that messes up all our connections everytime we update its software to the next version], just not the hype and all the fanboyism that surround them.

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