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Disney Gets Some Help From the Magic in iPads to Redesign Fantasyland

From DisneyParks

How does Disney redesign a magical world? Apparently by borrowing some magic from iPads. The engineers at Disney (called “Imagineers”) take their design onsite on the iPad tas they visualize adding new attractions, restaurants and other guest areas that will make up the expansion to Fantasyland.

You’ll notice that though the Imagineers are not shy to call technology by its various names, such as Webex, they all to a person refuse to name the iPad, which they refer to as “tablet.”

In the video, you’ll see 3D imaging software running on a desktop and we don’t think that software runs on the iPad. The iPad simply does not have the power to run such 3D visualization software. Instead, snapshots of problem areas are transferred to the iPad and brought onsite to show the contractors where the problems are. Magical! (Is there a sarcasm emoticon?)