Can Microsoft Reinvent Itself With Windows 8?

From Microsoft

Watch the video and see if Microsoft can reinvent itself with Windows 8. It’s certainly a slick OS but somehow still lacks the pizazz of the Mac OS: the images just do not “pop” on screen. Flat colored rectangular boxes are so 1980’s. There’s just so much to read on screen to find your app, so many gestures necessary to access an app, too many things hidden from view, requiring you to memorize what’s hidden. And trying to denigrate icons is a low blow. Sorry, but icons are the way to go for now and flat boxes won’t replace them. And, where’s the Windows Explorer? If there is one thing I simply can’t stomach on the Mac it’s the absence of a good file explorer: the folders view don’t do it for me and I miss having a nice multi-level hierarchy on the left pane.

Will the number 8 bring good luck to Microsoft? Is it on the brink of reinventing itself with Windows 8? Or, will it reinvent itself into the nether zone? I say this because if it continues the path it chose when it switched to the awful menu system of the newer MS Office, then there is going to be a whole generation of Windows users who will be totally lost in Windows 8. Everytime I use an MS Office program, it’s sheer frustration. I simply h.a.t.e it. Which is one reason I bought my Mac: if I am going to have to change, relearn a new menu system, and deal with backward incompatible file systems, I might as well make the jump. Millions of Windows users make come to the same conclusion if they wake up the next day and find that they are completely lost in Windows 8.

Windows 8 may be what saves Microsoft — or may be the reason why the bulk of corporate Windows users finally switch to Apple. After all, many have already with the iPhone and iPad. What next, laptop and servers?

source @benleeimages