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Is the iPhone 5s All You Need? Bentley Ad Seems To Agree.

To show off the “Intelligent Details” in the 2014 Bentley Mulsanne ($300K), especially the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform, Bentley chose to shoot a B&W commercial using the iPhone 5s and edit it in the back seat of the car using an Apple iPad Air. Of course, add on lenses, external keyboards, tripods, and expensive video stabilizer bars are liberally thrown in.

In the video, we see the “picnic tables” (which are apparently crafted from solid metal, fine veneer and hide) which are designed to accommodate an iPad and a wireless keyboard.

The video is a pretty impressive feat, but I doubt it is as easy as it is shown to be. Anyone who has ever shot and edited a movie knows the amount of shooting, reshooting and hours of painstaking editing it all takes — and it certainly does not take a couple of minutes editing on an iPad Air in the back seat of a car.

The iPhone 5s (any other smartphone) may well be all that you need for a point-and-shoot camera and video camera. But just take all the ads with a healthy grain of salt.

via The Loop