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Interview With Tôru Uemastu, Nikon Europe

Focus Numérique has posted an interview they did with Tôru Uemastu, Marketing Manager of Nikon Europe. The interview is in French and we provide a summary in English below.

3D is not a priority for Nikon.

Rapid Contrast-Detect AF On A Mirrored DSLR

Contrast-Detect AF on the latest Nikon models such as the D3100 and D7000 is much faster than on previous models. DSLRs have an optical viewfinder and an optical system different from mirrorless models. We are looking at all the possibilities, including mirrorless and translucent mirrored DSLRs.

Nikon Mirrorless DSLR

President Makoto Kimura announced something like that and we are in fact already working on one — our Next Generation cameras. However, we will let the merket dictate whether we actually bring one to market and when.

On The Fujifilm X100

It’s beautiful, something like the Leica M9. Good for them!

More Pixels On Pro-Level DSLRs

The megapixels race is over for good. With the D3s we sent a strong message: 12MP is more than enough. Canon seems to have standardized at 18MP. Pros ask for low noise high ISO low light capability.

Electronic Viewfinder In DSLRs

Our customers prefer optical viewfinders. EVFs still lag when rapidly tracking a subject. But they will get better in the future and then we will revisit.