Intel Security’s Tips on How Canadian Shoppers Can Guard Against Some Security Threats for 2015 Holiday Shopping Online

This is an update to the previous blog, Intel Security: Most Hackable Gifts of the Holidays 2015 + Tips to Help Ensure Holiday Gifts Remain Secure.

The following video presents What is a botnet?:

Just as consumers across the country are gearing up for holiday shopping, scammers are gearing up behind the scenes to bring down the holiday cheer. With online shopping in full swing, below please find tips from , Chief Consumer Security Evangelist for Intel Security, on how Canadian shoppers can guard against some of this year’s biggest security threats.


  • What are they? A network of personal computers working together to carry out the orders of cybercriminals.
  • How do you stay safe? Watch where you browse. Stick to websites you know and trust, and look for safety clues in your address bar.

Phishing Scams

  • What are they? Attempts to trick consumers into giving up personal data through a variety of email and website schemes, often with the aid of malware.
  • How do you stay safe? Carefully examine the sender’s email address, look for spelling and grammar mistakes in a suspicious email, and hover over links in the body to catch any red flags in the URL.

The following video presents Don’t Get Hooked by Phishing:

Gary discusses even more scams to look out for and how to secure this year’s Most Hackable Gifts if they are on your list to give or get, at .

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The following video presents Why McAfee Total Protection?:

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