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Intel® Security Battery Optimizer 2.0 (29 October 2015): Updated App for Android Smartphones & Tablets is Available at No Cost: To Extend Battery Life, Speed Up Your Device by Cleaning Up Memory & Storage, and Monitor Your Mobile Data Usage

Updated Intel® Security Battery Optimizer: 2.0 App

Updated Intel® Security Battery Optimizer: 2.0 App

Intel Security recently announced the FREE Battery Optimizer 2.0 app which is the latest update (29 October 2015) to Battery Optimizer for Android.

  • The enhancements have gone beyond battery life optimization, the app now cleans up memory and storage, which can help boost speed and performance; it will also make recommendations on how to track mobile data usage and help boost speed and performance on Android smartphones and tablets.
  • As consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices for online video streaming, mobile game play, and heavy data use, this app is designed to help them control their battery usage, improve gaming speed, and monitor their data usage – in one simple, easy to use app.

Intel® Security Battery Optimizer is available in 29 languages for FREE on Google Play Store.

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