Intel Security’s Valentine’s Day Survey, Stats & Tips to Help Keep Consumers Safe While Using Online Dating Apps around Valentine’s Day

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Intel Security Valentine’s Day Survey Finds Canadians Share too Much on Dating Sites

Intel Security’s Valentine’s Day survey revealed an interesting set of statistics when it comes to dating behaviour online. These stats show just how important it is for Canadian consumers to keep their own security top of mind when they are using dating apps. Did you know that nearly half of the male survey participants have shared, or would share, an intimate photo with a dating app/website match before an in-person meeting? Some of the Canadian survey highlights include:

  • Although nearly 50% of Canadian participants have ceased contact with, or reported, a match due to a suspicion of misrepresentation, 6% have either shared or received passwords for personal accounts (banking, email, social media)
  • Older millennials (25-34) are almost twice as likely (10%) to share passwords to accounts such as banking or social media than younger millennials (18-24) (6%)
  • Most popular dating apps by country:
    • Canada – Plenty of Fish
    • US, UK, Mexico, Singapore –
    • Germany – Tinder
    • Australia – RSVP

Additional Stats:

Intimate Photos

  • 59 % of Canadian men ages 25-34 have or would share an intimate photo vs 36% of women in the same age bracket
  • 43% of Canadian men 45-54 have or would share an intimate photo compared to 19% of same age range of women

Personal Info Sharing

  • 22 % of Canadian participants share links to social media channels in their profiles

Ceasing Contact

  • 42% of Canadian participants have ceased contact with a match or reported a match to customer service for misrepresenting themselves online

Valentine’s Day Specific Data

  • 40% of Canadian men are more likely to spend more time on dating sites leading up to Valentine’s Day compared to 27% of women
  • 46% of Canadian men (18-24) are more likely to spend more time on dating sites leading up to Valentine’s Day compared to 29% of women in the same age bracket

We have also developed the following tips to help keep consumers safe while using online apps around Valentine’s Day:

  • My name is SuperClutchFan…well online it is. When using online dating, you want to make it difficult for cybercriminals (or stalkers) to connect your online profile to your real identity. Have some fun with it. Instead of JohnSmith88, maybe something like CaptainHumble or MtBikerHiker.
  • Hand out compliments, not your information. You should always be stingy with your information online. Although it may seem harmless to share your location, name, occupation, age, first pet and mother’s maiden name in your profile – these identifying characteristics can be pieced together by fraudsters to assume your identity.
  • A fling might not last forever, but those pictures will. While sharing intimate pictures might seem like a good idea now, keep in mind that those pictures and videos will stay around forever. Even social media apps that say pictures go away can be easily circumvented with a screenshot. It’s not just celebrities who have intimate pictures spread around the Internet!
  • Unchain your heart, but lock your phone! Don’t forget to add a PIN or passcode to your phone. You don’t want someone sneaking a peak at the pictures on your phone as you step away to freshen up in the bathroom.

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