Intel Security Announced the “5 Habits of Practically Unhackable People”

Image by Intel Security

Image by Intel Security

While April 30 is more than a month away, Canadians are already filing their taxes – and cybercriminals are aware. Consumers are using the Internet to look up tips and even file their own taxes online, making it easier than ever for cyberscammers to take advantage.

Now is the opportune time for Canadians to make sure they’re doing everything they can to keep their actions, information and funds protected. To help remind consumers of the best ways to stay safe during tax season, Intel Security recently announced the following 5 Habits of Practically Unhackable People:

  1. Think before they click. We click hundreds of times a day, but do we really pay attention to what we click on? According to the Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 95% of hacks in 2013 were the result of users clicking on a bad link. Avoid unnecessary digital drama, check the URL before you click and don’t click on links from people you don’t know.
  2. Use HTTPS where it matters. Make sure that sites use “https” rather than “http” if you’re entering any personal information on the site. What’s the difference? The extra “S” means that the site is encrypted to protect your information. This is critical when you are entering usernames and passwords or financial information.
  3. Manage passwords. Practically unhackable people use long, strong passwords that are a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Yet, unhackable people don’t always memorize their passwords; instead, they use a password manager. A password manager remembers your passwords and enters them for you. Convenient, right? Check out True Key™ by Intel Security, the password manager that uses biometrics to unlock your digital life. With True Key, you are the password.
  4. Use 2-factor authentication (2FA) all day, every day. When it comes to authentication, two is always better than one. 2FA adds another layer of security to your accounts to protect it from the bad guys so if you have the option to use 2FA, choose it. In fact Intel Security True Key uses multiple factors of authentication.
  5. Know when to VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, encrypts your information, which is especially important when using public Wi-Fi. Practically unhackable people know that they don’t always need a VPN, but know when to use one.

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