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Intel Security: Most Hackable Gifts of the Holidays 2015 + Tips to Help Ensure Holiday Gifts Remain Secure

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Intel Security Reveals the Most Hackable Gifts of the Holidays and How Canadian Consumers Can Protect Themselves

MARKHAM, Ont. – Nov. 12, 2015 – With the holiday season approaching, Intel Security has released a list of the “Most Hackable Holiday Gifts” to help ensure Canadians stay secure while enjoying the tech gifts they give and receive.

Consumers are excited to start using their new gadgets during the holidays but often don’t realize some of the potential security risks that make them vulnerable.

To help consumers stay alert and aware of risks, below please find Intel Security’s 2015 Most Hackable Holiday Gifts:

    o Smartwatches and fitness trackers are poised to generate major sales this holiday season.
    o The value of breaking into a wearable device is in its connection to a smartphone. With access to a smartphone, a hacker could potentially read emails, SMS or even install malicious software they can use for identity theft.
    o With new smartphones and tablets being produced multiple times a year, these devices make ideal gifts.
    o Attackers can take control of Bluetooth and with some trickery, they can impersonate a Bluetooth device and steal information.
    o Everybody wants to capture their every move with camera-enabled devices – and even to capture aerial views with gadgets such as drones.
    o Cybercriminals could steal personal data from someone looking to connect to an open Wi-Fi network while a drone is flying overhead. This takes advantage of the fact that consumers are often willing to sacrifice security and privacy for the convenience of connecting to unsecured networks.
    o E-books, social apps and remote control cars – kids love connecting with tech, and while one would hope that children’s toys are safe, there are safety concerns that parents should be aware of. In the past there have been examples of people hacking into baby monitors or nanny cams.
    o Unfortunately with children’s gadgets and social apps, security is rarely considered, so it falls onto parents to make sure their child’s latest toy is safe!

To help ensure holiday gifts remain secure, Gary Davis, Chief Consumer Security Evangelist, Intel Security has shared these tips:

  • WIFI:
    o Tip: Use caution when connecting over public wireless hotspots. If a person must connect, they should not conduct sensitive transactions.
    o Tip: Create unique passwords across devices and accounts.
    o Tip: Unless a person is using their Bluetooth connection on their mobile device, they should leave it turned off. If they do use their connection, they should ensure they have a unique password.
    o Tips: People should be careful of where they type their username and password.
    o When using sites to make purchases online, consumers should take care to ensure they are logging into those sites and not into carefully crafted imposter webpages.
    o Tips: One of the best ways consumers can protect themselves is to pair a comprehensive security solution with regular device updates.
    o People need to make sure their operating system is updated to the latest version. A cross-device security services like McAfee LiveSafe™ can protect all devices, data and identity.

In a blog post, Gary Davis shares how cybercriminals can compromise popular tech gifts and what consumers need to know to keep their information safe.

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