Hasselblad Now Selling The Most Expensive Handgrip For the Sony RX100

According to leaked images and news, Hasselblad plans to repackage the popular Sony RX100 camera with handgrips made from exotic material, put them both in a fancy box with a hinged lid and sells the rebadged Hasselblad Stellar for a cool $1600 to $3200.

The Sony RX100 is listed at $649.99. If we round that off to $650 and estimate the box at $50, then the handgrips are priced anywhere from $900 to $2500, probably making them the most expensive handgrips ever.

The Hasselblad Lunar adds an “H” handgrip to the Sony NEX-7. And, apparently, Hasselblad also intends to add an “H” handgrip to a Sony DSLT. Let’s see: Lunar, Stellar,… Solar?

If you really must, see the Hasselblad Stellar at: Photo Rumors.

UPDATED 2013-07-23: Hasselblad is forging ahead with its Stellar and has even set up a microsite to advertise it.

Visit the Hasselblad Stellar microsite.