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Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C Is World’s Smallest 100MP Medium Format Digital Camera

Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C
Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C


Hasselblad Unveils the 907X & CFV 100C: Enhancing Medium Format Photography with Versatility & Unmatched Image Quality

2024-1-24 – Hasselblad, a pioneer in medium format photography, introduces the 907X & CFV 100C, a fusion of modular design and advanced technologies that offer three distinctly different photographic abilities, presenting the most compatible Hasselblad 100-megapixel medium format camera to date. Building on its iconic design, the 907X & CFV 100C has been upgraded with a new 100-megapixel back-illuminated sensor, doubling the resolution of its predecessor, the 907X & CFV II 50C.

Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C

Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C

A Modular Design. Three Applications.

  • The 907X Camera Body
    The 907X & CFV 100C combine to create the smallest and most powerful medium format camera in the industry. This dynamic combination is compatible with all XCD, HC/HCD, and Xpan lenses, uniting high optical lenses to produce the best image straight out of the camera.
  • Hasselblad V System Film Cameras
    The CFV 100C breathes new life into Hasselblad V System cameras, such as the 500 and 200 series. Photographers can use their beloved film camera with the powerful CFV 100C sensor to produce the same picture quality of the digital age while also providing the unique experience of shooting at waist level. The CFV 100C keeps a classic timeless in every sense of the word.
  • Technical Cameras
    With the CFV 100C, technical film cameras will reap the benefits of its 100-megapixel sensor, helping photographers, museums, or institutions meet rigorous and precise photographic needs. The 3.2-inch touchscreen display and 2.36 million resolution, with its superior flexibility and colour richness, provide photographers with an easy-to-use experience and a cost-effective digital solution for a technical camera.

Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C Face Detection

Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C Face Detection

Unique Design and Iconic Heritage
The 907X & CFV 100C provide users with the unique experience of capturing images at waist level. Its classic design, waist-level viewfinder, leather-like coverage, and chrome frame are tailored for individuals who seek to showcase their unique taste and appreciation of vintage aesthetics. The viewfinder can be tilted upward from 40 to 90 degrees to provide photographers with a range of perspectives.

Unparalleled Image Quality, Life Like and True to Colour
The CFV 100C, combined with the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS), ensures colours are captured with unparalleled accuracy, reproducing scenes just as the human eye perceives them. Photographers can capture their subjects with true and natural colour presentation in both JPG or RAW format. With a 16-bit colour depth, the CFV 100C presents approximately 281 trillion colours, providing photographers with an extensive palette for capturing the full visual spectrum. The CFV 100C introduces an ISO sensitivity as low as 64, producing image quality that is delicate, pure, and rich in lifelike details. With an impressive 15-stop dynamic range for preserving rich light and dark details, the CFV 100C ensures a smooth and natural transition in every image, allowing photographers to push creative boundaries.

Advanced Autofocus and Face Detection
The 907X & CFV 100C introduce users to its Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) with 294 zones spread over the 100-megapixel sensor surface. Covering an impressive 97% of the focus range, this advanced autofocus technology ensures every shot is sharp and precisely focused. Its face detection capabilities make capturing portraits easier in various locations.

Built-In Storage System
The CFV 100C boasts a remarkable 1TB of built-in storage space, marking it as the first modular camera with built-in storage capabilities. The 1TB of built-in storage space allows users to store up to 4600 RAW images directly on the camera. This exciting new feature eliminates photographers’ concerns about running out of storage during crucial moments or not being able to locate a memory card.

Reduced Weight and Compact Size
The 907X & CFV 100C weighs 120g less than the 907X & CFV 50C, making it lightest, smallest and high-resolution medium format camera in the industry. The reduction in weight enhances comfort during extended shoots, minimizing fatigue and contributing to improved stability for handheld photography.

Where to Get it
The Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C has an MSRP of USD $8,199. It is now available to order online. See details of the new product at

Headquartered in Sweden, renowned around the globe. Since 1941, Hasselblad cameras have inspired photographers to create classic masterpieces and capture many iconic images, including documenting the historical moment of the first humans on the Moon. For over 80 years, Hasselblad has expanded the boundary of photographic storytelling with its excellent image quality, exquisite Scandinavian design, and meticulous craftsmanship, equipping customers with the ability and inspiration to create excellent images.

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