Trinity College Dublin: 69 Year-Old Experiment Finally Witnessed Thanks To A Time-Lapse Movie

Tar, or pitch, has such a high viscosity (approximately 2 million times that of honey) that a drop falling from a funnel takes about a decade to do so. The Tar Drop Experiment in the video started way back in October 1944 at Trinity College Dublin’s School of Physics and is one of the world’s oldest continuously running experiments.

So, once around every decade, a drop would fall off. Unfortunately, nobody has ever witnessed that epic moment! In May of this year, with the latest drop about to fall, an enterprising Professor Shane Bergin got the brillant idea of broadcasting the experiment Live! via the Web. Imagine the excitement! Finally, on July 11th, the drop dripped. Hence the [thankfully] time lapsed video here.

via thedailywhat