Fujifilm U.S. Is Looking for New X-Photographers

Just who are the Fujifilm X-Photographers? We have all seen their stills and videos (their X-Stories) on the Fujifilm-X website. These are professional photographers and videographers who use Fujifilm mirrorless cameras as one of their tools of the trade. But no more.

Fujifilm US has just annnounced it is bringing some changes to their Fujifilm X-Photographer Ambassador Program, basically now requiring that US X-Photographers exclusively use Fujifilm cameras (if I’ve understood this correctly), and rotating them in and out of a four-year term. Of course, existing US X-Photographers will stay until a new crop of X-Photographers can be rotated in.

There is now a 3-step vetting process where you start as a Collaborator (how I hate that name: use Contributor instead), then progress to a Creator, and finally to an X-Photographer.

Fujifilm will aim at recruiting a more divers and inclusive group of X-Photographers. Since their 3-step vetting process will take a number of years to be realized, they plan to kickstart it this August-October timeframe by adding 10 new X-Photographers, bringing the total to 26 X-Photographers.

Currently there are 16 X-Photographers in the US (7 in Canada). If you are interested in joining this program, you may want to check your country’s Fujifilm-X site for specific requirements and goals for your country.

We understand the need to show action and progress in the short-term in making our X-Photographer program more inclusive.

As a result, we will add 10 photographers to our X-Photographer roster through the process below to make the group more diverse and representative of our whole community.


How we are Making our U.S. X-Photographer Program More Diverse and Inclusive

As we continue our journey to be more representative of our community, we would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed with what we are doing with our X-Photographer program and how we are structurally changing it to be more open to aspiring image makers. We believe that having a diverse range of ambassadors is important and expect these changes to lay the foundation for how we will continue to offer opportunities to image makers from our community for generations to come.

Changes take time, but this transformation will begin with the addition of the U.S. FUJIFILM Creator Website, which we expect to launch in August, 2020, as well as an expansion of our X-Photographer program to give opportunities to more U.S. based image makers.

We intend to make the new FUJIFILM Creator website the central location for our audience to meet all of our photography and filmmaking ambassadors. It will be located front and center at http://www.fujifilm-x.com and will be the foundation of how we will change our X-Photographer program moving forward. This new website will be a place where fans can see a collective body of work from the FUJIFILM Creators and FUJIFILM X-Photographers alike, and a place for aspiring image makers to learn how they can get on the path to becoming a Fujifilm ambassador as well.

We truly have an incredible community of talented and passionate image makers and are proud to offer a place to feature and showcase them and also inspire new individuals to join their ranks with Fujifilm.

If you are a photographer or filmmaker interested in working with Fujifilm, the first step is to become a FUJIFILM Collaborator. Read on to learn how.

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