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Sony Alpha A7R IV Review @ Neocamera

Sony’s highest-resolution digital camera is the full-frame A7R IV. This mirrorless surpasses the resolution of its predecessor by almost 50%! Using a completely new 61 megapixels BSI-CMOS sensor with 567-Point Phase-Detect AF incorporated, this new model can capture extremely fine details and bring them into focus with speed.

Along with the new sensor, Sony included their state-of-art 5-axis image-stabilization system, real-time tracking autofocus system in a revised weatherproof  body with triple control-dials. This high-end camera offers the highest resolution EVF on the market with 5.8 megapixels of resolution.

Neocamera got their hands on this ultimate mirrorless and produced a truly in-depth review of the Sony A7R IV. There is a gallery of images at all ISO and a pixel-per-pixel comparison with a Medium Format camera to answer the question everyone had since the launch of the A7R IV: How does this compare to Medium Format? Read this A7R IV review to find out.