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Nikon D7500 Review @ Neocamera

Nikon introduced the D7500 shortly after the flagship D500 which uses the same 20 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor with an unprecedented and still unmatched sensitivity range of ISO 50 to 1,638,400. The slightly smaller D7500 offers speed 8 FPS drive, just 2 FPS shy of the flagship and the same 51-point Phase-Detect AF system used in the D7200 which precedes the D7500, instead of the new 153-Point system. This allows Nikon to offer the D7500 at a much lower price-point, making it one of the best price-performance rations on the market.

Neocamera just published their in-depth review of the Nikon D7500 here. This review is specifically written from the perspective of those upgrading from one of Nikon’s older semi-professional DSLRs.


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  • “Ultimately, we feel Nikon executed the D7500 with near-perfection.” And then a lackluster Silver award. Also I suggest,
    “Here’s why:” While it takes some hits on specs, the D7500 sees major improvements in areas of every day critical practical application for photographers. Camera makers have learned that besides resolution and image quality, the ability to quickly focus and capture images is critically important and the D7500 design refocuses (pun not intended) the D7000 line with this perspective in mind. In particular, making the rear screen moveable, and touch sensitive, and auto fine tune, add important functionality. Together with the speed and focus improvements Nikon has taken the camera to a level where it will focus and capture many images that would simply be missed by a slower less responsive camera.