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The Fuji X-E2 is the most advanced mirrorless by Fuji. It uses the same unique 16 megapixels X-Trans CMOS II sensor as the fixed-lens Fuji X100S and matches it with a Fuji X-mount which gives access to a growing lineup of Fujinon lenses. As a high-end offering, this mirrorless offers a built-in EVF with 2.4 megapixels and a built-in Eye-Start sensor. The EXR II processor in the X-E2 captures images continuously at up to 7 FPS and full 1080p HD video at 60 FPS.

Fuji X-E2 Review



The Fuji X-E2 promised to deliver full-frame image-quality with its special 6×6 X-Trans color-filter array which is not prone to moire and therefore does not need an anti-alias filter. It also claims to match the autofocus speed of high-end DSLRs with a new hybrid autofocus system which combined Contrast-Detect and Phase-Detect on-sensor.

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