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Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review @ Neocamera

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review @ Neocamera

Article / Review by Itai Danan

The Canon EOS Rebel T6s offers a 24 megapixels 1.6X-Crop CMOS sensor with built-in Phase-Detect AF, plus a standard 19-point AF system in a newly designed mid-range body with dual control-dials and a top status LCD. Bridging the gap between Rebels and higher level EOS digital cameras, the T6s adds a new category of DSLRs to the Canon lineup.

Canon T6s Review

detailed review of the Canon EOS Rebel T6s was recently published by Neocamera. It takes a close look at the new body and ergonomics of the T6s while analyzing its performance in terms of image-quality and speed. Read on to see how this DSLR compares and fits into a new category aimed at enthusiasts which enjoy efficient controls without much bulk.