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Panasonic Technology Supports a Future Trend in Higher Education: 100% Operator-Free Lecture Capture System Via Panasonic’s Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras

Soon colleges’ and universities’ lectures will come to students whenever, wherever – whatever device they’re using!

Panopto creates software that enables businesses and academic institutions to record and share searchable video presentations in minutes from any device.

Businesses use Panopto as an “internal YouTube” for all of their video content related to sales enablement, corporate communications, online training, employee onboarding, executive messaging, and social learning.  Universities use Panopto to record lectures, make course materials available on-demand to students, broadcast campus events, train faculty, and more.

Recently, at the Panasonic’s stand at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event, Panasonic demonstrated, as shown in the video below, Panopto’s lecture capture and video management system used in conjunction with a Panasonic professional display along with a Panasonic PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera.

Unwell and afraid that you’ll miss an important lecture? Fret not, we’ve got you covered.
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The following video presents Live@ISE2016 | Paul Osborn introducing lecture capture specialists Panopto:

There’s been a huge trend in the education sector towards using video to support student learning.

Because of the enormous growth in mobile devices, there’s an ever-greater need for universities and colleges to offer learning resources that students can access whenever, wherever – whatever device they’re using.

Visitors to the Panasonic booth will see how lecture capture and video management systems are used in conjunction with a Panasonic professional displays, projectors and remote cameras.

This is the first Panasonic supported 100% operator free lecture capture system, because of the auto-tracking camera. This kind of combination of hardware and software is critical in creating a positive user experience.