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Fuji X-Pro2 Review @ Neocamera

Neocamera just published an in-depth review of the Fuji X-Pro2. This latest Fuji mirrorless boasts the first resolution upgrade since the origins of the system, now reaching 24 megapixels in an APS-C sensor with a pseudo-random color-filter-array to avoid artifacts without the need of an anti-alias filter. The new X-Trans CMOS III sensor also includes a 169-point Phase-Detect AF system for high-speed autofocus.


The X-Pro2 follows the rangefinder concept while bringing it into the digital era with dual control-dials, an autofocus joystick, a ISO dial embedded within the shutter-speed one and a unique Hybrid Viewfinder which switches between optical and electronic modes. The newly designed body is also fully weather-sealed and resistant to cold, down to -10C.

Read all about the X-Pro2 in Neocamera’s exclusive review of this new Fuji flagship. Owners of the X-Pro1 will find the side-by-side comparison of image quality highly valuable.