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Olympus Announces VG-120

Olympus VG-120

Olympus VG-120



More Megapixels, Impressive Zoom Power, 720p HD Video, and Large 3.0-inch LCD Display Add Up to a New Level of Potential for Everyone!

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 5, 2011 – Today Olympus reveals an ultimate value with the introduction of the Olympus VG-120™, the first in a new line of pocket-friendly, creativity-enabling, and budget-conscious cameras aimed at photographers of all ages and experience levels. This smart, portable point-and-shoot camera offers incredible new features that let you capture it all.

The value begins with an impressive feature set that includes: 14 MP, 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens, 720p HD video capture, and a large 3.0-inch LCD to capture and review your images. Add pocketable portability, Digital Image Stabilization, AF Tracking, and the shot-enhancing Magic Art Filters. Top this combination off with an affordable price point (CAD $149.99) and you have a multi-function camera in a slim body that far surpasses other models in its class.

High-Definition with High Impact: 720p HD Video
A picture is worth a thousand words. So what do 30 frames per second say when shot in gorgeous HD? Extend your creativity with the option of capturing the action as it happens and seeing it unfold all over again – on your television screen or on YouTube®. The VG-120 shoots gorgeous 720p HD making every day a movie day. Playback is also a breeze. Gone are the days of friends and family huddling around a tiny LCD to see the pictures you just snapped.

See the Whole Picture on an Extra-Large 3.0-inch LCD Display
Composing your shot has never been easier. With an extra-large, 3.0” display, composing that perfect shot is a breeze. See what you have been missing with smaller displays! This large, crisp 230,400-dot LCD makes it a pleasure to share shots on the spot with family and friends.

Frame Your Work Before You Frame Your Work: 14 Megapixels and 5x Wide Zoom
Forget post-edits with the VG-120. Simply zoom in and crop right in the camera to frame your shot perfectly the first time. With a 26mm wide-angle lens and 5x zoom, get closer to the action than ever before. 14-megapixels ensures that each shot will look beautiful, even when printed poster-size.

Express Your Inner Artist with Magic Filters
The VG-120 is equipped with in-camera Magic Filters that enable users to enhance and customize images as they’re being captured. Have more fun and flexibility without expensive and time-consuming computer software.

The Magic Filters include:

  • Pop Art – enhance and saturate colours to create vivid, high-impact pictures that express the joyful, lighthearted feeling of the Pop Art style of the 1960s;
  • Pin Hole – reduce the peripheral brightness of an image as though it were shot through a pin hole, connecting the viewer intimately with the subject at the center;
  • Fish-Eye – emulate the wide-angle of a fish-eye effect lens by taking extremely wide, hemispherical images and magnifying the center of the frame;
  • Soft Focus – encloses the foreground of an image in gentle, pastel colours with a soft, elegant focus; similar to effects achieved in a studio.
  • Drawing – turn your image into a sketch outline for children to colour.
  • New! Sparkle – shoot photos with the luxurious feel of added twinkling lights; and
  • New! Punk – create two-tone images full of rock and roll spirit.

Digital Image Stabilization to Eliminate Blurry Images
The VG-120 features Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) to capture crisp, clear pictures. By boosting the camera’s ISO sensitivity and shutter speed, DIS freezes the action and provides virtually blur-free images, even when you or your subject is moving.

Easier Group Shots with Face Detection!
Wedding, birthday and family reunion group shots have never been easier with Face Detection. The VG-120 detects up to 16 faces within the frame and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure to capture sharp, brilliant portraits and group shots.

Intelligent Auto Thinks for You
With the Intelligent Auto Mode in the VG-120, your camera knows and it automatically identifies what you are shooting (i.e., Portrait, Night + Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Sports) and adjusts the camera’s settings to capture the best quality results. Anyone has the ability to jump into this quick and hassle-free feature that does the thinking for them and produces incredible images.

Lock Onto the Action with AF Tracking
AF Tracking technology locks on your fast-moving subject and continuously adjusts focus and brightness. This enables you to keep fast-moving, unpredictable subjects like small children and pets in focus for the perfect shot.

Perfect Fix In-Camera Editing
Olympus’ Perfect Fix feature offers quick solutions for unanticipated image quality issues, which may be caused by several adverse conditions. Lighting Fix can be used to adjust any underexposed areas and Red-Eye Fix can be used to reduce the effects of red-eye sometimes caused by a direct flash. Additional in-camera editing functions can be quickly accessed right in the camera by the touch of a button; features available include resizing and trimming.

High-Quality Stylish Cameras in a Range of Colours
Your creativity is not limited to just what’s in the camera. The VG-120 will be available in three colours – silver, black, and red – to suit anyone’s style.

Sharing is Caring: SD Compatibility
With SD compatibility, the VG-120 allows users to share their work easily through SD-compatible computers, digital picture frames and HDTVs.

OLYMPUS [ib] Software Makes it Even Easier to Share and Print Your Photos
All Olympus digital compact cameras now offer the new OLYMPUS [ib] photo organizing and editing software. It includes photography workflow, browsing, editing and unique photo organizing functions. You can organize photos by person with automatic face-recognition technology, by place with a map-tagging function, or by event. All information will be tagged in each photo’s data. You can then easily upload images to the integrated online service, [ib on the net], to share and backup photos, as well as order prints and photo merchandise. The name [ib] stands for image bridge, because the software is designed to create a bridge to help you get images from your camera to services where you can do more with your photos.

The Olympus VG-120 will be available in January 2011. It will ship with a Lithium Ion Battery, USB Cable, Audio/Video Cable, Wrist Strap, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card and OLYMPUS [ib] software.

Canadian Pricing
VG-120: Street Price CAD $149.99

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