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Olympus 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO High Performance Binoculars for Nature & Sporting Event Enthusiasts: Features Include Olympus Professional-Grade Camera Lenses, and Waterproof & Fog-Resistant Construction

Olympus 8x42 PRO
Olympus 8x42 PRO



Waterproof, Anti-Fogging Construction Support Use in Any Environment

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., October 29, 2018 – Olympus is pleased to announce new 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO high performance binoculars, ideal for nature and sporting event enthusiasts. Both models incorporate the classic, elegant style expected from Olympus in a simple, refined design with comfortable ergonomics. The PRO binocular line uses the same advanced ZERO (Zuiko Extra-Low Reflection Optical) anti-reflection coating included in Olympus M.Zuiko® Premium and PRO lenses, ensuring a crystal-clear view, significantly reducing ghosting and providing superior abrasion resistance. Olympus® 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO binoculars boast an ultra-close minimum focusing distance of 1.5 meters and waterproof and fog-resistant construction. Complete with a premium padded strap and carrying case, Olympus PRO binoculars are ready for any adventure.

Olympus 10x42 PRO

Olympus 10×42 PRO

Refined Design and Usability
Superb ergonomics and grip provide comfortable, secure handling for quick and responsive field use. Both PRO binocular models feature easy to use designs, including extended eye relief that makes using the binoculars comfortable even when wearing glasses, a diopter adjustment ring ±2D that adjusts left and right for visibility differences, flip-down tethered lens caps to prevent loss, and a new neck strap mount designed to accommodate separately available interchangeable lens camera straps.

Olympus (left to right): 300mm PRO Lens,  8x42 PRO Binocular, E-M1 Mark II Camera + 40-150mm PRO Lens, 10x42 PRO Binocular

Olympus (left to right): 300mm PRO Lens, 8×42 PRO Binocular, E-M1 Mark II Camera + 40-150mm PRO Lens, 10×42 PRO Binocular

Olympus OM-D® cameras and M.Zuiko PRO lenses work as a system to produce world-class images. Olympus PRO binoculars are a complement to this advanced system, allowing users to search for their subject prior to capturing the shot. To allow for easier tracking of subjects like birds or wildlife, a wide angle of up to 7.5° provides users a greater viewing range. Like M.Zuiko PRO lenses, 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO binoculars boast rugged weatherproof construction and compact designs so they can easily fit inside a crowded gear bag.

Bright, Clear Field of View
Both binocular models feature high-performance optics, delivering a bright, clear field of view and sharp, vivid color. Built for optimal comfort, Olympus’ 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO binoculars are equipped with ZERO (Zuiko Extra-Low Reflection Optical) lens coating to reduce glare and reflections, increase light transmission and contrast, and provide more vivid color details.

Sharp, High Resolution Images
Olympus professional-grade camera lenses feature ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass for superior resolution. Now incorporated into Olympus’ new PRO binoculars, this high quality glass reduces chromatic aberrations and provides sharper images. A dielectric, highly reflective prism coating with 99% reflectivity all but eliminates prism light loss for outstanding brightness.

Superior Close-Up Capability
Olympus PRO binoculars promise unparalleled optical performance in the wildlife and nature fields, offering amazing views that cannot be seen with the naked eye, displaying scenery up close for use in observation and finding subjects to photograph with an Olympus OM-D camera. Observe the markings on a bird’s beak from hundreds of feet away, or watch an insect open its wings from a few feet away.

Olympus PRO binoculars are ideal for observing exquisite close-up details. A minimum focusing distance of 1.5 meters allows for easy close-up observation of insects and plant life.

Olympus 8x42 PRO (left) and 10x42 PRO (right) are waterproof, keeping water out when submerged at a depth of three feet for up to five minutes.

Olympus 8×42 PRO (right) and 10×42 PRO (left) are waterproof, keeping water out when submerged at a depth of three feet for up to five minutes.

With waterproof, anti-fogging construction and oil-repellant lens coating, users can feel comfortable observing nature even in the harshest of conditions. The waterproof design keeps water out when submerged at a depth of three feet for up to five minutes. The binocular body is filled with nitrogen gas, providing construction that prevents fogging, even when the binoculars are used during drastic temperature changes. Both the lenses and eyepieces feature an oil-repellent coating, making it easy to wipe off water droplets or dirt from the lens surfaces. Olympus PRO binoculars can handle themselves in tough conditions so you can focus on your adventure.

Shock-absorbent armored finish protects the binoculars against damage while providing excellent grip for safe and steady handling.

Pricing and availability
The Olympus 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO binoculars will be available beginning late October 2018 with suggested retail prices of $469.99 USD; $519.99 CAD (8×42) and $579.99 USD; $649.99 CAD (10×42). Both models come complete with a high-quality padded case for optimum protection. Also included are front lens and eyepiece caps and a contoured padded strap.

Review units and high-resolution images of the Olympus 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO binoculars are available by contacting Jennifer Colucci, Olympus America Inc. at jennifer.colucci@olympus.com or (484) 896-5719. Visit getolympus.com for more information.

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