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Olympus LIVE: Macro Photography with Chris McGinnis at 8 PM ET Tonight

Join Olympus’ resident Macro Photography expert Chris McGinnis as he shares his experience on photographing insect photos at home on Facebook Live. You will also be able to ask him your macro photography questions.

If you can’t make the live session, you can watch the video replay.

Macro photography has always fascinated me, but which equipment to use without spending $$$ needlessly by experimenting with camera, lens and speedlight? There are so many options. Hopefully, Olympus (takes a page out of the Apple playbook and) presents us tonight their affordable turnkey Macro Kit SOLUTION.

(Most of the camera “solutions” we have today follow the Microsoft playbook where they’re very powerful but you are on your own to integrate everything, and you learn the hard, long and frustrating way what works best and what doesn’t. Apple came and gave us one way to do things, and it did it beautifully and covered 99.99% of what most consumers would need. Likewise, with photography, it’s time that camera manufacturers start proposing quality and affordable SOLUTIONS that are intuitive and painless to use OUT OF THE BOX.)

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