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Nikon Z 9 Teaser 1 of 4: LCD Display Tilts Horizontally and Vertically

Nikon has posted Teaser 1 of 4 of its upcoming flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the Z 9. In this teaser, it reveals that the LCD display will tilt both vertically and horizontally, which makes sense for a camera with an integrated vertical grip.

The tilt display is arguably preferred by photographers whereas the flip-out-and-rotate fully articulating version is preferred by vloggers. A display that stays center to the lens in front of it makes it much easier to follow fast action than if the display is to the side.

That’s what I call a good teaser: we actually got some good information, and this dual-tilt LCD will be favorably welcomed by professional photographers.

The camera is big, but looks a perfectly comfortable fit in a photographer’s hands when held horizontally. However, it looks too big when held vertically.

Although professional sports photographers will love the Z 9, almost everyone else prefers a smaller, more compact and lighter form factor, which is one of the major advantage of mirrorless cameras. We can expect Nikon to also announce the Z 8 afterwards, basically the Z 9 without the integrated vertical grip, and (hopefully) in a smaller Z 7 form factor.

The success of the Z 9 will not rest simply on what it offers and how it performs. The lenses and accessories that will accompany it will be the deciding factors on whether pros find the tools they need to do their jobs well.

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