Leica Plans To Rock The Compact System Camera Category In 2012

Flushed from it success with the M9, S2 ansd X1 line-up, Leica’s chairman Dr. Andreas Kaufmann and CEO Alfred Schopf have confirmed that the German company is developing a new Compact System Camera (CSC) to be revealed at the next Photokina trade show in Cologne. The new system [thankfully] will use an “APS-C sized sensor at least,” says Schopf.

Before you start thinking that they are late to the party, they emphasize that the new camera will differ from the compact mirrorless offered from Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and Sony. One hint: the electronic viewfinder used will depend on the sensor selected.

Uh, oh, shades of the Ricoh interchangeable unit camera dances in my mind. If that’s so [they gave 2 hints: at least an APS-C sized sensor and EVF dependent on sensor size], could we be looking at the second interchangeable back/sensor/and now evf combo? If so, that’s not good. The photography community does not need any more gimmicks; just give us a tool that does well what it is supposed to do: take great pictures without getting in the way.

What we need, Leica, from you is your own compact mirrorless camera that will compete with the current crop of CSCs — and please set the standard way up high as far as image quality and sensor noise are concerned. Take your time, just not too long. Now, that will rock the CSC world!

source bjp