You’re Invited: Take Home and “Test Drive” a Leica M Camera System & Two Lenses Overnight @ No Cost: Leica Store Bellevue in Washington, USA

The following video presents Craig Semetko: How to use a Leica M:

What makes the Leica M different from SLRS? Follow along with photographer Craig Semetko as he answers this question and explains how to use the Leica M, including techniques on focusing. For Craig, the benefits of the Leica M include its small, discreet nature and big, bright viewfinder that allows you to see more. Because of this, the Leica M demands more from the photographer. Watch this video and discover the capabilities of the Leica M.

Leica M

Leica M

Leica Store Bellevue invites you to take home a Leica M camera and two lenses overnight to use via their “Test Drive” program.

Have you ever wanted to try a Leica M system outside of our retail store? We offer a program called “Test Drive”, which allows you to take home an M camera and two lenses overnight to use and love! This program is complimentary and reservations are available every week. Call us with questions or to schedule your own test drive! 425.451.4060

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