Firmware Updates Fujifilm

Fujifilm Recalls Firmware Ver.4.20 for X-T1, Releases Ver.4.21 (Restores to Ver.4.10)

Fujifilm has recalled Firmware Ver.4.20 for the X-T1 and X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition due to a possible freeze problem when using the AF-C (Continuous AF) function.

We have found a malfunction in the firmware ver.4.20 launched on December 17 2015, which rarely causes freeze when shooting in AF-C mode. So we will suspend the disclosure of this firmware right away.
We apologize for your inconvenience which this may cause.
We will post an upgraded firmware around the end of January 2016 to solve it.
As a tentative solution for customers who have upgraded their cameras to firmware ver.4.20, we have prepared the new firmware version of 4.21 whose functions are same as the previous version of 4.10. Please update your cameras to ver.4.21 to avoid the malfunction.

If you have not yet upgraded to Ver.4.20, do not do so.

If you have already upgraded to Ver.4.20, then Fujifilm is recommending that you install Firmware Ver.4.21 that will reset your camera’s firmware back to Ver.4.10.

The functionality upgrade of Ver.4.20 is now tentatively scheduled for the end of January 2016.

Download Firmware Ver.4.21