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Fujifilm UK’s #‎FujiFriday‬ Challenge: Shoot a Portrait on a Fujifilm Camera and Upload it Before 10am BST on 5 August 2015

Courtesy of Fujifilm

Courtesy of Fujifilm

The following video (duration 30 min:40 sec) presents Live tutorial: Portrait photography with Bert Stephani:

Last Friday (July 31), Fujifilm UK invited you to take on the #FujiFriday challenge.

This week’s theme is ‘Portrait’.

The prize will be your image printed to a large size and sent out FREE of charge.

Entries close Wednesday 5 August 2015 – 10am BST.

  • The winner will be announced on Thursday 6 August 2015.

More info at .

Good Luck! / Bonne Chance!