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Fujifilm Advisory: Images in a Camera Cannot Be Transferred to a Windows10 PC Only When a PC is Connected to a Camera via a USB Cable: Applicable Models (Launched on 2010 or Later) and Schedule to Release the Upgraded Firmware Starts Aug.11 to End of Dec.2015

This is an update to the previous blog, Fujifilm Notice of Compatibility of Digital Cameras and Application Software with Microsoft Windows10.


Support for Microsoft Windows10

August 11, 2015

The new OS of Windows10 has been released from Microsoft. We have confirmed that images in a camera cannot be transferred to a Windows10 PC via a USB cable because the camera doesn’t recognize OS information of Windows10.


  • This symptom happens only when a PC is connected to a camera via a USB cable. So, there is no problem when you use a memory card slot in the PC or a card reader.

We will provide upgraded firmware for models with the symptom by posting the firmware on the Global website.

Applicable Models and Schedule to Release the Upgraded Firmware
The models will be ones which were launched on 2010 or later.

1. 11 Aug 2015


2. By the end of Aug 2015

X-E2, X-A2, X-Pro1, X100T, X100S, X30, X20 and XQ2

3. By the end of Dec 2015

X-E1, X-M1, X-A1, X100, X10, XQ1, XF1, X-S1
F1000EXR, F900EXR, F850EXR, F820EXR, F800EXR, F770EXR, F750EXR, F660EXR, F600EXR,
Z2000EXR, Z1100EXR, Z1000EXR, Z950EXR, Z900EXR, Z800EXR, Z700EXR, JZ500, JZ300
and REAL 3D W3


  • * In case of X-T1 and X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition, the symptom is fixed with firmware version 4.00 or newer.

    Some models are or were sold in specified countries and areas.

  • * Firmware upgrade is not required for models which are not described above and were launched on 2010 and later.

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