DigitalGlobe + Facebook: Top Image Contest 2014 – Vote for the Top Five Images Before Dec.18 at Midnight PST for the First Round

The following video presents What will be the Top Image of 2014?.

For DigitalGlobe, 2014 was a pivotal year with the launch of WorldView-3, enhancing not only our industry-leading constellation but increasing the range of capabilities, dramatically collecting more data than ever before. As 2014 comes to a close, we’re revisiting our vast archive and choosing our favorite images that showcase the insights our images provide to a variety of industries.

DigitalGlobe owns a commercial high-resolution satellite imagery library containing over 4 billion square kilometers of earth imagery and imagery products.

DigitalGlobe’s satellite imagery (a type of geospatial data) is used for various purposes.

Location-based Services: Power Superior Map Apps

  • High-resolution satellite imagery provides accurate, up-to-date maps.
  • “You get vivid global coverage – including 500 of the world’s largest cities – and a refresh rate that ensures you have the most current data available.”

Industry solutions are provided via geospatial data in the following non-military applications:

Civil Government: Help Citizens Work, Play and Live Better

  • Monitor growth and identify newly taxable land parcels.
  • Manage sustainability issues due to rural populations migrating to urban areas.
  • Allow first responders in a disaster zone to track unfolding events and deploy aid faster.

Oils & Gas: Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Geospatial intelligence is critical to successful exploitation of new global energy sources. Finding hidden opportunities – first. Knowing which sites are most promising. Making decisions quickly so you get to market faster. DigitalGlobe accelerates your process with Spatial on Demand – our cloud-based enterprise data platform. With instant access to a 50 cm living picture of your areas of interest, you can track changes and trends over time. Work with complete, accurate data that can be shared with desktop workflows across your project team. Turn rapid insight into your competitive advantage.

Mining: Minimize Risk, Seize Opportunity

Geospatial data mitigates the risks inherent in mining by providing clear insight for capital investment and daily operations. Detail-rich imagery reveals what you visually cannot see. Pathfinder minerals, small outcrops, and detailed structures in remote regions. Continuous elevation changes in an open pit mine. Vegetation damage due to leaching. And pre-activity baseline imagery helps you meet government regulations while avoiding opportunistic fraud. You get global coverage plus cost-effective imagery delivered regardless of local constraints.

Global Development: “Seeing a Better World

Marine: Find More Fish Faster

Agriculture: “See Your Yield Grow”

Insurers: Know Your Exposure and Expedite Service

  • Get an alert of an unfolding crisis and monitor it as it progresses.
  • Review detail-rich imagery with broad coverage.
  • Differentiate damaged and undamaged assets.
  • Track change over time.

Top Image Contest-2014

You can “like” as many images as you want, but only the five images with the most likes will make it to the final round. 

  • First round voting ends Dec. 18 at midnight PST.

From the trillions of pixels captured by our satellites this year, we need your help to decide which image showcases DigitalGlobe’s unique ability to solve important problems from space.

On December 19, we will announce the five images with the overall most “likes.” The images will be added to a new album, Top Image 2014 – Top 5 album, where you can “like” your favorite image.

We will announce the winning image in January. We want you to decide, so join the conversation and vote for the Top Image of 2014!

Please click here for more info and instructions on how to vote for the images.