Lytro Desktop 4.1 Introduces Focus Spread: Control Bokeh

This video presents Lytro Desktop Upgrade Redefining the Limits of Photography.

  • “Check out Focus Spread, a revolutionary way to control depth of field with a swipe of a slider.”

Download Lytro Desktop 4.1


The Lytro Illum Light Field Camera allows the point of focus to be adjusted after the picture is shot. Of course, it is not a traditional image and special software is required to view it.

That software is now upgraded to version 4.1, which includes an interesting feature called Focus Spread.

What Focus Spread allows is not just selecting one point of focus, but three regions of focus: Lytro terms them the “foreground,” the “subject” and the “background.”

Using a simple 3-colored tab slider, you simply visually define where your foreground (blue) begins and end, where your subject (white, refocusable range) begins and end and where your background (orange) begins and end.

Where bokeh comes into play is that you can also select an aperture to simulate the camera taking the picture at that aperture for each region, and thus controlling depth of field for each region.

Want the background to blur? Select F1.0 for the background. Want the foreground and subject to be in focus? Select F16 for these two regions.

It’s quite interesting to see that Lytro keeps innovating.