Lytro Illum: A new camera that lets you capture and harness the power of light field, allowing you to create living pictures

The LYTRO ILLUM includes the following features:

  • 8x optical zoom lens with a max. f/2.0 aperture throughout the zoom range (30-250mm equiv.);
  • Uses a “large” 1-in. 40-megaray light field sensor;
  • Runs on Android;
  • 4-in. articulating LCD touchscreen;
  • Post-capture image adjustments include: adjust focus, tilt, perspective shift and depth of field;
  • View images in 3D, build custom animations, export images into common formats like JPEG and share to the Web or mobile devices; and
  • Workflow is compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture.

Lytro Illum is available July 2014 for a retail price of US $1,599.

This video presents “LYTRO ILLUM Trailer.”