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New Lytro Platform Provides Lytro Development Kit for Companies to Explore Developing Custom Light Field Cameras & Applications

Lytro sells light field cameras that can capture all of the light rays in a scene to offer photographic capabilities never before possible, such as

  • focusing a picture after it’s taken, and
  • creating interactive, living pictures that can be endlessly focused and refocused by both the photographer and the viewer, bringing new creative possibilities to photography.

In April 2014, Lytro launched the consumer Lytro Illum: A new camera that lets you capture and harness the power of light field, allowing you to create living pictures.

This silent video presents Midnight Jellies with LYTRO ILLUM.

  • Midnight Jellies by Alex Krafcik.

Today, Lytro presents the new LYTRO PLATFORM.

“Harness the full potential of light field technology with the Lytro Platform.”

The Lytro Platform allows organizations to harness the power of light field into their own imaging applications.

Lytro Development Kit (LDK)


The first offering available through the Lytro Platform is a Lytro Development Kit (LDK) starting at $20,000, which is designed for companies that want to explore developing custom light field cameras and applications for use cases outside of photography and storytelling.

…the Lytro Development Kit (LDK) has already caught the eye of major players like NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is using the technology to develop new light field cameras for use on future space missions.,2817,2471749,00.asp

In the future, they will release other new products as part of the Lytro Platform.


Lytro Platform
Allows Exploration of Light Field Applications Across Several Markets

Lytro Platform
We are excited to announce the Lytro Platform, which expands our proprietary light field technology beyond the domain of photography. The Lytro Platform will bring the transformational power of light field technology to an entirely new set of imaging applications for the first time.

Lytro’s light field technology can be applied to anything with a lens in front of a sensor. With access to Lytro’s advanced light field capture devices and processing software engine, a new wave of pioneers in holography, microscopy, architecture, security and many more imaging fields can totally reimagine and customize their products. Learn More