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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Hands-on Preview @ TrustedReviews

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

TrustedReviews has published their hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV [Specs] DSLR, with 16MP resolution (27.9 x 18.6 mm CMOS), 45-Point Autofocus System, Fast 10 fps Continuous Shooting, ISO sensitivity to ISO 102400, 3.0-in. LCD (920K dots), EOS Integrated Cleaning System, full EF and EX Speedlite compatibility, weather-proof magnesium-alloy body, and Full HD (1080p) Video.

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1 Comment

  • If only they would just stop bringing out these cameras so fast so soon.

    This would be wonderful if the price was lower. Also a converter for ESF lenses. Or, better still, why did they not put autofocus in the 7D, it makes you mad! And when are they going to put a screen as on the A640 so it can be used at all angles?

    Canon you can do this. Just stop holding back the extras that are already developed and on the drawing board.

    I won’t live long enough to ever experience and explore the wonders in such a camera. I have spent on 350, then 30d, then 400d, then 1dMk III. Now it’s going to look like a 7D — or do I hang on to see whats next?