Bruce Gilden’s In Your Face Street Potography

From madshaunyboy

Bruce Gilden practices a form of street photography that is right in your face — literally. He shoots with a Leica and wide-angle lens, uses a low angle often and flashes his subjects right in the face. He shoots in B&W. The result is off-beat and mostly depcits people trying to avoid him. If you see him on the street, put on your dour face (he doesn’t like it when his subjects smile) and strut past. Who knows, he may find you interesting enough to take a snapshot of? Whether you agree with Bruce Gilden’s approach or not, there is no denying that his unique personality shows in his street photography.

David Saxe has a different take and focuses on wedding photography. Here, in-your-face will not work, but David argues that, like Bruce Gilden, you should let your unique personality show in your wedding photographs to stand out from the crowd.

source Black Star