When Going To A Wedding, Why You Might Want To Leave The Camera Behind

Interesting article over at on why you may want to leave your camera at home when going to a wedding.

Couples spend lots of money hiring a photographer and/or a videographer to document the most important day of their lives together. If these are professionals (and we hope they are), they will get an announcement out that guests wanting to take pictures should stay away from them when they are taking pictures. Do not get offended by that.

Sure, you want to get those candid shots that they are not focusing on, etc. etc. but oftentimes, you end up by simply getting in the way and spoiling things for the bride and groom by photo-bombing the official photos, requiring expensive do-overs — if it were possible to retake them.

Restrict your photography to the reception and/or when you are sure the official photographer is done taking pictures. While the hired photographer is concentrating on the bride and groom, photograph the guests instead. The bride and groom will appreciate seeing photos of the guests.

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