Wedding Photographer Threatened With Lawsuit For Outtake

Imagine this scenario: Attorney hires you as his wedding photographer, verbally contracts to buy all your photos (claiming they can do the editing themselves), post a thousand or so of beautiful photos on their Facebook page after the wedding to the delight of family and friends — then turns around and threatens to sue you for $300,000 for ruining their wedding with bad photos (what essentially is the outtake, the portion of failed photos you would have naturally removed).

To avoid being sued by him, he is asking you to refund the fees he paid ($3,800), plus $15,000. The letter is choke full of threats to destroy your reputation as a photographer, etc.

As Gary Fung explains in this video, you should 1) always have a written contract and 2) give your client only edited photos.

Anyway, if there are any lawyer photographer out there, a fellow photographer may well need your help to get out of this pickle. Contact Gary Fong for the details.

via Gary Fong