In Your Face Street Photography With A Film Camera

From norunorunotoji

Street photography may be the hardest type of photography to do since most of us are reticent to take pictures of strangers doing, well, things interesting enough to photograph. When we look at early works, we find that good street photographs capture what it was like back then.

In this video, the photographer simply keeps his eye to the camera and shoots away. He also is using a film camera, perhaps one of the medium-format Fujifilm 6×6 rangefinder. This in-your-face method works best in areas where photography is not yet frowned upon. In our modern cities, you may need to be a bit more subtle in going undetected by your quarries.

3 observations:

  • Not sure why the [beautiful] theme music for the Good, The Bad & The Ugly plays in the video.
  • I have also never seen a jacket with a hood long enough to fold over your eyes, acting as an eye shade.
  • Contrary to what one may think, apparently 120 Roll films are still abundantly available in some parts of the world. Go figure.

source reddit