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Street Photography of Strangers

In a way, street photography is all about catching strangers unawares in daily acts. Ideally, they should not know we are photographing them since they usually change their behavior when they know a camera is pointed at them.

However, Dariusz Majgier takes a totally different tact. He actually asks for their permission and snaps a photo in all of 5 short seconds, a sort of “guerilla photography.” You’d be surprised how many people will acquiese simply because they are flattered — and don’t have enough time to really think about it and say no. It’s a good idea to snap the picture, thank them with a nod of the head and a smile and quickly walk away before they change their mind.

Wandering among the streets I meet a lot of interesting people. For me, it does not matter how old they are; their status, origins, skin color or religion are of no importance to me. I want to remember them forever just as they are when I meet them. Often it is the only occasion in life to talk for a moment and hand in my card. Maybe one day I ask you as well to have a photosession.

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