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Animated Gifs Elevated To Photography Art

These are not your father’s animated gifs that do funny things to make people laugh. In the hands of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, animated gifs have been elevated to ART.

Busy day in Manhattan… but there’s always time for the paper.

© 2011 Courtesy of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Granted, the problem with animated gifs still remain: when you first see it, it’s incredible, it’s like, Wow! After viewing it for the umpteenth time, you wished there was a stop button. And that is what I would recommend: do not set the animation to loop forever. Give it a number of loops, then shut it down. To see the effect again, the viewer would simply need to refresh the page.

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There’s movement in everything and by capturing that plus the great things about a still photograph you get to experience what a video has to offer without the time commitment a video requires. There’s something magical about a still photograph — a captured moment in time — that can simultaneously exist outside the fraction of a second the shutter captures.

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