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Apple iPhone with Video Chat

The next Apple iPhone will have a video chat, a no-brainer after the leaked iPhone was found to feature a front-facing camera. Apparently Sam Mendes has been tapped to film a series of commercials to show us all why we need to ditch all our phones and buy the new iPhone.

Is video chat such a good thing? I can see the value of mother and daughter [in the commercial] chatting — but do we really want our boss to see us whenever he or she calls? We probably will have an option to turn the video portion off, but we can’t really do that whenever the boss calls, can we, without sending a negative vibe down the line?

What do you think? Is video chat another invasion of privacy? Or, will society evolve to Facebook CEO’s vision of a world that shares all openly? In fact, will people in the future refuse to take your call not if your video line is not enabled [like some of us refuse to pick up the phone when the ID display says, “Private Caller”]?. Think about it!