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Skin Gives iPhone Retro Look

You might do a double take when you see the iPhone with a Twin Lens Refelx (TLR, twin as in having two lenses) skin on (pictured is the Rolleicord). Granted, most of you are probably thinking, What’s a Twin Lens Reflex?

How do I explain it? Let’s see… The TLR is the grandaddy of the SLR (Single Lens Reflex, single as in having only one lens) who is the daddy of the DSLR (where the D stands for Digital) who is giving birth to the mirrorless DSLR (an oxymoron, technically speaking, because the Reflex implies the presence of a mirror).

Anyways… for those who miss the retro looks of yesteryear, you can get the above and many more skins for your iPhone at Etsy. They’re each about $8.

Find more cool camera skins for your iPhone at: Etsy.