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This video presents Panasonic LUMIX – Four Examples of Panasonic LUMIX Hybrid Photography in Action.

Panasonic LUMIX has been Changing Photography since the introduction of the first mirrorless camera in 2008. With the removal of the mirrorbox from the DSLR came advancements in focusing accuracy and speed, in-camera creative control, and video recording with real time AF. New “Hybrid Photographers” are advancing the art of photography by taking video and still and mixing it into amazing new forms of photography. Thanks to Panasonic LUMIX 4K video, Hybrid Photographers can now grab high resolution stills directly from 4K video in the camera. Here are 4 examples of Hybrid Photography – (1) 4K Photo from 4K Video, (2) Slide show incorporating video, still, and audio, (3) cinemagraphs of video turn into living photos, and (4) a clip of 4K video.


Panasonic invites you to a FREE webinar with host Frederick Van Johnson and Lumix Luminary Giulio Sciorio – “Introduction to 4K for Photographers “- today, Jan. 28th, at 12pm Pacific, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern.

They will show you the following.

  • A basic photographic workflow using 4K.
  • Shoot motion like a still photographer.
  • What is “Hybrid Photography” and how does 4K fit in?
  • Some of the huge advantages of smaller sensors with regard to video.
  • Q&A with Frederick (interview style).
  • Q&A with webinar attendees.

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