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Production Process of Fujifilm in Tilburg, The Netherlands, Operates Completely on Wind Energy as from 1 January 2016 Via Wind Turbines in the Netherlands and Belgium

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In Tilburg Fujifilm produces photo paper and offset plates. Fujifilm develops also new technologies and products in the Tilburg Research Laboratory. Sustainability is an important topic here.


Production process Fujifilm operates completely on wind energy as per 1 January


The production process of Fujifilm, producer of photo paper, offset plates and membranes, operates as from 1 January of this year, completely on wind energy. This is made known today by Fujifilm and the energy company Eneco, who delivers the wind energy. Fujifilm requires for her operations approximately 100 gigawatt hours of electricity, comparable to the average energy use of 30,000 households. The green energy is produced via wind turbines in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Since 2011 Fujifilm directly receives green energy from the five Eneco wind turbines located on their premises in Tilburg, whereby this covers 20 percent of her electricity needs. Originating from her wish to have the company operations completely CO2 neutral, the company has been in regular discussions with Eneco looking for further savings. This has resulted in a new agreement, whereby the Tilburg’s producer, since the beginning of this year, will also receive all the generated energy which is produced by the five wind turbines in the existing Eneco windpark Anna Vosdijkpolder in Tholen.

Peter Struik, President-Director of Fujifilm: ‘We are very proud of being able to take this step together with Eneco. Sustainability is of great importance to a healthy future for Fujifilm. We strive for a good balance between a sustainable operation and an economical feasibility. Together with Eneco, we have found a good solution.’

Peter Struik (Fujifilm) and Marc van der Linden (Eneco Group): Image Courtesy of Fujifilm

Left to right: Peter Struik (Fujifilm) and Marc van der Linden (Eneco Group): Image Courtesy of Fujifilm

Marc van der Linden, member of the Board of Directors for the Eneco Group: ‘This is an important next landmark in our years of sustainable co-operation with Fujifilm. From a strong joint vision: energy must be sustainable and by preference as locally as possible produced. It is not a coincidence that this co-operation takes place in North Brabant, a province which stronger and more frequently plays a prominent roll in the area of sustainable energy and technology.’

Both companies are also exploring other sustainable and innovative options for the Brabant’s activities of Fujifilm. An investigation is taking place into the possibilities of working together with a neighbouring company for heat supply whereby the gas usage will be replaced by steam.  The steam will be delivered via a bio steam installation which still needs to be built, which uses bio mass as fuel.

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