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Olympus Announces SZ-14 DX

Olympus SZ-14 DX

Olympus SZ-14 DX


August 22, 2012

For events and sports, fun for the whole family The “Big Telephoto Set” including a 24x optical zoom camera, and binoculars

Announcing the OLYMPUS SZ-14 DX

Olympus Imaging (Haruo Ogawa, president) is proud to announce the OLYMPUS SZ-14 DX, on sale from late August 2012. The “Big Telephoto Set” includes the OLYMPUS SZ-14 compact digital camera equipped with a 24x optical ultra-zoom, and an 8x pair of binoculars.

Main Features

  • With the power of a 24x optical ultra-zoom and an 8x pair of binoculars, users can put intense close-ups in the palm of their hand
  • With the automatic shooting mode iAUTO*1, users simply point the camera at a subject to take beautiful, easy pictures
  • High-definition movies, and multi-motion supported image stabilization makes shooting beautiful movies even easier

The OLYMPUS SZ-14 DX “Big Telephoto Set” includes the OLYMPUS SZ-14 compact digital camera, equipped with a 24x optical zoom that fits in the palm of your hand, as well as an 8x pair of binoculars. With the combination of the camera’s high-power lens and the binoculars, users can enjoy the double zoom, allowing them to capture the expressions on children’s faces at school games and events, as well as the action of athletes at sporting events, with a level of detail not visible to the naked eye. Because the zoom of camera and binoculars can be used separately, this is a family set, perfect for travel, sporting events, museums and much more.

Sensor shift image stabilization and DUAL IS for high-sensitivity shooting provides compensates for camera shake when zooming. Additionally, the multi-motion supported image stabilization function reduces camera shake when shooting while walking or following a subject, enabling easy shooting of high-grade movies. Because the included binoculars are a compact, lightweight foldable-type, they are perfect for keeping baggage light and convenient during family outings.

*1 The intended shooting mode may not be used depending on the scene. When the camera cannot determine an optimal mode, shooting will switch to Program Auto.

Other Features

  • Equipped with Magic Filter, for a variety of amusing photo effects
  • 460,000 dot, 3.0 type, large screen monitor for ease of viewing when shooting and viewing images
  • 3D Photo function, for shooting 3D photos
  • Eye-Fi card compatible, for easily sharing and saving photos wirelessly
  • Supports HDMI output for high-quality image playback on a TV