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Nikon Z 7 II and Z 6 II Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras to Be Revealed October 14 12:00 EDT

When Nikon finally made the switch to mirrorless with the full frame Z 7 and Z 6 back on Aug 23, 2018, it signaled a turning point where mirrorless would become the dominant technology and DSLRs would slowly but surely be retired.

Though Nikon bills the Z 7 II and Z 6 II as “The Next Chapter,” we however expect incremental updates instead of earth-shaking improvements. Nikon specifically needs to improve Face and Eye AF tracking up to a higher level if they want to compete head-on with the Sony A7 series and the Canon EOS R series, both also full-frame mirrorless cameras with excellent Face and Eye-AF tracking.

Two whole years just to add incremental updates? Wait, don’t you think Nikon (and Canon) are also working feverishly on their flagship full-frame mirrorless cameras?

We are really glad that Nikon has eschewed upping the numeral in favor of adding a Mark at the end of the name, so Z 7 Mark II (or Z 7 II) instead of Z 8. Just two more months to wait to see if Nikon has taken seriously all the feedback that they have received from users of the Z 7 and Z 6. We are betting they have.